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Playing With Power

The Nintendo PowerGlove never really gained much traction, especially not in Europe so I never had the chance to play with it myself.
But one thing is for sure, Nintendo was way ahead for its time!

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You want to Typographic inspiration? Here you go, the ABC of wonderful animations in this work: Textures.

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She’s Bad

This video is extremely visually clever, beautiful, trippy but also deeply disturbing.

“It is about a girl, a bad one, who’s too sexy for human beings,” says wunderkind French producer Juan de Guillebon, AKA Dye, of his latest music video for, “She’s Bad,” a track featuring the vocal stylings of west-coast rap legend Egyptian Lover. The short sees temptress Aude Auffret saunter round a tiki bar setting, her face replaced with library footage cuttings of wildlife and fizzing volcanic springs, Altered States-style. “We were looking at John Stezaker’s layered, peel-away collages, and referenced a book of tattoos and how they sit on the body,” say filmmaking duo Jean-Philippe Chartrand and Benjamin Mege, who have created color-splashed animated works for Modeselektor and compatriot beat-freak Sebastian under their moniker Dent de Cuir. The last video made for Dye—Jérémie Périn’s extremely NSFW sex-and-gore cartoon short for the 2011 release “Fantasy”—has racked up over 48-million hits on YouTube so far. “It was a difficult thing to follow up,” says Guillebon. “I hope this one’s crazy enough for people.”

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Living With Lag

Take a look at this awesome experiment/commercial!


Check out this great 3D Experimental short by
Not only is there is some really cool audiovisual animation but there is even a video of him performing it live.

And to top this all off, he provides us with a Making Of Video, his 3D models AND videoloops!

Find out more about Dysco here and here.


I always enjoy these visual trips, especially when they are beautiful like this one: Volans by Murat Sayginer.

Life Is A Beautiful Sport

I just saw this new commercial for Lacoste that is pretty cool. But did you also see the original videoclip?

No Face – Monsoon Kiss

Yet another relaxing track with some great visuals in this video for No Face – Monsoon Kiss.

Directed by Alex Geerken

Awesome Projection On A Giant Face

Wow, take a look at this!
I hadn’t heard about Duck Unit before, but I will keep an eye on them for sure.
Some really good prep-work for the content they made.

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The Procession

Recently our client AIR Amsterdam asked us to do more with audio reactive abstract stuff for their event FORMAT.
We happily cooked up our own app in TouchDesigner for the very first time.

But I could not have done it without all the crazy information on forums and the research and inspiration done before hand.
That is where I also stumbled upon this cool audioreactive fractal animation by Trypta.
Not exactly new, but definitely worth sharing!