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Breach – Jack

Check out this incredibly hairy video for Jack by Breach.
Directed by Sacred Egg

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Eat Sleep Rave Repeat

Eat Sleep Rave Repeat – Awesome new track by Fatboy Slim and Riva Starr!

Skrillex – The Devil’s Den Visuals

Check out the great animated visuals that Eran Hilleli made for Skrillex his live show.
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Duck Sauce – It’s You

Duck Sauce is back! Check out there hilarious new music video “It’s You” filled with dancing hair and weird faces.

Tahiti 80 – Bang

While browsing through inspiration I stumbled upon this video from Tahiti 80.
Awesome,Glitchy and weird artsy 3D renders in this music video by Graphset
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Siriusmo – Itchy / Cornerboy

Check out this bizarre but great new music video from Siriusmo.
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Postino – I Love It

I’ve never heard of Postino and I guess there is not much to say here, except for: I Love It.
Definitely a funky cute feel-good video for this summer.
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Tycho – Ascension

Check out this incredibly relaxing music video for Tycho
Created by Charles Bergquist
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Gesaffelstein – Pursuit

Creepy and Beautiful at the same time, thats the best way I can find to describe the new music video from GesaffelStein.

Created by Fleur & Manu


I really like VJ mixes that incorporate retro imagery, especially when done right.
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