Wow! It has been a very very long time since I’ve posted something here, 8 months to be exact.
In fact I kind of went off-the-grid all together, no more Twitter, no more Facebook, basically no more distractions?

After I got an very nice e-mail from someone looking for a job that was impressed by my work (I was equally impressed by his enthusiasm!)
I’ve decided to look into how he stumbled upon this work after its been inactive for so long, turns out that even though nothing has been posted on this site a couple thousands visitors have been looking at this messy blog. Obviously this is still a little incredible to me, but also reminded me that its always good to go share things with the world.

After I all, even though I did not keep up with Social Media is was still silently reading a lot of different RSS-Feeds every day for my own inspiration as well.

So here we go, I guess you can say I’m back, and I’ve decided to at least post some Daily Remarks and Inspiration again every day. Not as some New Years resolution or anything similar but to simply be more open, make up for mistakes in the past, give creative colleagues,friends and more importantly FAMILY some updates on my daily life, struggles and successes. Because to be honest, I’m normally kind of crappy at all of the above;)

Would love to hear your “remarks” on this as well!
Here we go! Up to a open and creative future!