We did it, Amsterdam Open Air was a greatly successful and sunny festival filled with beautiful people!

Photo by Rogier Alexander voor Vice

Because my stay in the Netherlands went on to be a little longer than expected I joined forces with Henry Jalink (Videojockey) and Jasper Pastoors (Lightjockey) once again to create an audiovisual light show for this event.

Notice that I said light show, because this was one of the few times we truly combined the best of both worlds to make the most out of this stage.
Anything was possible to be connected straight to the visuals.

The absolute highlight was the intense Clay Paky Sharpy array that I was able to control straight from Resolume.
This gave it great possibilities to combine with the Barco MI-Strips. And all this was done in a quick turn-around of just a couple of days.

Photo by Niels de Vries

This post is mainly to thank the people that are so awesome to share their creative resources because we could not have done it without them.

Since Resolume does not natively support DMX-Out (Bart, Edwin, Joris, lets make this happen!)
I crafted a quick (and dirty) work around in Quartz Composer using the great Kineme ArtNet Tools.


After tediously learning how to set up a GrandMA and the proper ArtNet network settings, the rest of the work was pretty much done already for me by the guys from legendary 1024 Architecture!


They shared their work in the shape of a Quartz Composer Clak Paky Sharpy Plugin and all that was left for me to do was line them all up and combine them in one structured array of lights,cues and control inputs.

Since Resolume is amazingly adjustable with these inputs I was able to easily connect them to BPM, Color and Intensity controls for the various video layers as well.
To ultimately sync the world of lights, audio and video while preserving individual control.

Photo by Niels de Vries

Drop a line in the comments if you have any questions that I can help you with when trying to figure out how to control DMX/lights within Resolume.

The stage was created and designed in tandem with Club AIR, Jurlights, and XL Video, for legendary techno-event Format.