If you’re anything like me you are just now beginning to recover from the Amsterdam Dance Event.
It definitely has been a crazy week! Events, Conferences, Meetings with random strangers or long-lasting clients and personal legends.


Proud to represent V Squared Labs Don Diablo and I brought the Hexagon to life for his first premiere. I guess the video will speak for itself.

Let us not forget the crazy events that went down in Club AIR and in the rest of Amsterdam.
People came see what the legend had to say play at All Gone Pete Tong.
Saw how they do it across the pond at Defected In The House.
“Waren flink de weg kwijt” at the Format afterhour that went on until mid-day(!)
Loved everything that had to do with ADE at We Love.
and the girls flocked to the beats of hip hop at Birdhouse.

And of course some of best DJ’s in the world where present at the Amsterdam Music Festival




All in all we not only had a crazy week, but an amazing week, and I would like to thank you for being there and making this all possible!

So here it is……Thank you!