It looks like advertisements for vehicle’s are getting better and better.
This time Abstract Groove shows us the Dark Side Of Japan with the new Yahama MT-09 sport bike.

“The Dark Side of Japan” is a film conceived with the DLVBBDO team, featuring the new revolutionary concept sport bike Yamaha MT-09.
We imagined the city of Tokyo as a dark lady, who transforms her face at dusk, showing her most cryptic and ambiguous side.
Enjoy the Dark Side of riding!

Client: YAMAHA Europe
Agency: DLV BBDO Milano
Production Company: abstr^ct:groove
Director: Luigi Pane
Photographer: Diego Indraccolo
Director of Photography: Luca Fantini
Executive Producer: Giada Risso
Producer: Alessandro Salerno
1st Assistant Director: Alice Gatti
Editing: Luigi Pane
Color Grading: Diego La Rosa
Motion Design: Valentina Vicini, Luca Siano
Music: Rise of the Kaiju (Franky B aka Crypric Monkey)
Costume Design: Up To You, Franck Josseaume
Production Services Tokyo: Green Tea
Production Services Barcelona: Ant-Productions
Filmed on location in Tokyo and Barcelona

An awesome soundtrack btw;-)